Jesus asks us to lay down our lives for others and, as St. Joseph pastor Fr. Chris Ankley wrote, “What is life but a series of minutes?”

The vitality of our Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools depends on volunteers, so much so we ask each school family to commit to 25 service hours each year.

St. Paul reminds us that we are many parts, but one body – a truth our schools embrace. We have many needs, each requiring different gifts, temperaments, and interests. Below are some of the many ways to serve our schools with a point of contact for each. Take a look, say a prayer and see where Christ is calling you.

Where will you spend your 1500 minutes this year?

In our schools…

The high school needs volunteers to bring in items for special events including trick-or-treat bags, Jingle Mingle, and April testing snacks. For more details contact Mary Rabbitt at

The middle school needs volunteers in the classrooms, in the school office, for special events, and during field trips. Contact Katy Arnson at

The elementary school needs volunteers in the classrooms, in the school office, for special events, during field trips, before school as a car greeter. Contact our classroom teachers directly or Jeanine Winkler at

On our school board or a school committee….

The BCACS School Board is the hub of all the organizations and committees which make up our schools. The board recommends policies and budget for approval to the Executive Committee and final approval by the pastors. We always need new members.

Outside of monthly meetings during the school year, we encourage board members to serve on a school committee, which includes Finance, Policy & Accreditation, Facilities & Safety, Technology, and Marketing.

For more information or to apply contact Chris Moore at

For our Strategic Plan…

The BCACS has a Strategic Plan for 2019-2023, which outlines of our schools’ long-term goals, as well as strategies to achieve those goals. There are nine areas of focus: Academics, Catholic Identity, Diversity, Facilities, Finance, Leadership & Staffing, Recruitment & Retention, Student Life, and Technology.

We need volunteers to help realize our goals. Parents and other BCACS stakeholders can access this plan at under “schools” in the top menu and again on each of the school pages in the “parent resources” box.

If there is something that sparks your interest, a strategy that calls to you, contact Patrick Downey at or the owners of that strategy directly.

With our BCACS Foundation…

The BCACS Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for our Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools. Volunteers are needed to perform clerical duties that support that work.

Help is especially vital for the Annual Giving Campaign. The Fund Development Committee starts preparing the campaign during the summer for a fall kickoff. Volunteers are needed to help with the development of the marketing pieces and the campaign itself. We also need help preparing campaign mailings and following-up with donors.

Volunteers are needed to help plan, promote and facilitate donor events and fund-raising events like Raise the Roof.

The Grant Committee needs volunteers to find, write and edit grants. The Planned Giving Committee needs help promoting the Guardian Angel Guild and facilitating annual planned giving seminars.

Contact Louanne McIntyre at

For our athletes…

Our Fighting Tigers are always in need of volunteers, particularly with home games to work the gate and the concessions stand. Our athletic department needs help with fund-raising events like the Big Red Open and Drawdown, as well as special athletic events like the Paul Bauman Baseball tournament.

Contact Mary Rabbitt at for high school opportunities and Katy Arnson at for middle school opportunities.

For our band…

The BCACS Band Boosters is an organization of band supporters, made up mainly of parents, but also grandparents and other community members interested in supporting the BCACS band program.

If your child is in band class, you are automatically a Band Booster! No musical experience required.

The Band Boosters meet monthly during the school year. Outside of general support, they need volunteers to plan, promote, and facilitate the Annual Pasta Dinner and Car Wash, which are their major fundraising events.

Contact Julie Moore at or (269) 788-2366.

For our parishes…

Our schools stand on the shoulders of our three Battle Creek parishes, who have a variety of openings for volunteers.

For St. Joseph Parish contact Barb Kincaid at

For St. Philip Parish contact Carla Behrens at

For St. Jerome Parish contact the parish office at (269) 968-2218.

Our Dads Club digs into to dig out the old playground mulch.

With each other…

The revitalized Moms Club and Dads Club are a big blessing to our schools. These amazing groups serve every grade level with fund-raising and event support. It is a chance to know your fellow BCACS parents better while helping our schools.

The Moms Club is an organization of women dedicated to enriching the lives of students and supporting activities related to the students’ educational welfare. Moms and female role models of students are welcomed to join. They meet the second Thursday of the month. Interested people should email and join their Facebook group.

The Dads’ Club is an organization of men dedicated to enriching the lives of students and supporting activities related to the students’ educational welfare and safety. Dads and male role models of students are welcomed to join. They meet the second Tuesday of the month. For more information email Jason Francisco at or join their Facebook group.

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