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What is the SCRIP Program?
It is a gift certificate purchase program. BCACS purchases gift certificates at a discount. You purchase certificates at face value. The discounted percentage is split 50:50 between participating families and the school. SCRIP credits are applied to your tuition on a semi-annual basis.

When can I get started?
You can participate and bank SCRIP credits prior to your child’s enrollment, during their career at BCACS or after your child graduates. SCRIP credits may be directed to other families or the general operating budget, too.

How do I get started?
Before shopping at one of our features retailers, buy the SCRIP gift certificates from BCACS SCRIP. Then, you shop.

Where do I purchase SCRIP certificates?
SCRIP certificates can be picked up at the SCRIP Office or delivered to your child’s classroom. SCRIP is now available electronically. Click the button below for instructions. You can also read a how-to in our blog entitled SCRIP goes digital.

How can I pay for my SCRIP purchases?
We accept cash, check or credit card*
*A 2.5 % processing fee is applied.

How does it work?
It’s like free money! Check out the example below to calculate SCRIP Credits.


Category Purchases SCRIP Credits
Groceries $2,850.00$67.62
Home Improvement

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