Our Battle Creek Area Catholics Schools are blessed with dedicated administrators and innovative teachers, but sometimes they need a little help. Thanks to our generous parents, the revitalized Moms and Dads Clubs are taking the lead.

Remove old mulch from the St. Joseph playground? Check.

Our Dads Club digs into to dig out the old playground mulch.

Provide hospitality during TK and Kindergarten roundup? Check.

Moms Club members not only provided hospitality and childcare during TK and Kindergarten roundup, they gave each child a BCACS bookbag

Raise money for school trips, supplies, and events? Check, check, and check.

Moms Club helped with Mother and Son Game Night, which brought a lot of mother and son smiles.

“I am really impressed with the new energy that both these groups are bringing to our school,” St. Joseph principal Sara Myers said. “They are motivated, they have great ideas, and they have gotten so much done in the short time they have been together.”

Moms Club and Dads Club are not new concepts.

“There are many current parents whose parents were members of the original clubs,” Mrs. Myers said. “They know what the Moms Club and Dads Club have meant to our schools.”

With a little encouragement, these clubs have sprouted new life.

Moms Club went all out for Teacher Appreciation Week. Amoung the many treats, student-painted pots and flowers

The Moms Club has organized a multitude of fundraisers, such as family restaurant nights, the fall catalog sale, and spring flower sale. These funds have helped purchased iPads and a laminator. They have assisted in school events, like Mother Son Game Night and kindergarten roundup. They have organized efforts to celebrate our teachers, as well as support one another.

“We held our first Moms Night Out event last month,” co-presidents Allison Barnes and Kim Taft said. “Yes, the heart of the Moms Club mission is to enrich the lives of our students yet, through this club, we also enrich the lives of one another.”

The Dads Club removed the old mulch from the playground and replaced it with fresh wood chips. They donated an American Girl doll to the Daddy Daughter Dance raffle, as well as flowers for each daughter who attended. They sponsored a Mom’s Boutique, which let students shop for Mother’s Day gifts at school, and plan to repair playground equipment this summer.

St. Joseph students shopping for mom at the Mom’s Boutique sponsored by Dads Club

“Many of us have been friends for years and now have children in the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools,” Jason Francisco said. “[We are] dedicated to enriching the lives of students and supporting activities related to the students’ educational welfare and safety.”

Both clubs are looking for new members and financial support.

Any mom, grandma, aunt, or caregiver is welcomed to join the Moms Club. Monthly meetings rotate among locally-owned restaurants. For more information email momsclub@bcacs.org or join their Facebook group at https://m.facebook.com/groups/183588012411727

Anyone in the BCACS community is welcomed to join the Dads Club. Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at the Lakeview Lounge at 5:30 pm. For more information email Jason Francisco at JBirdman1114@sbcglobal.net or join their Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/992524874239000/

A happy bunch of preschoolers expresses their gratitude to the Dads Club for improving their playground.

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