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Our Distinguished Alumni

The St. Philip Catholic Central High School Distinguished Alumni Award honors alumni who have transformed their high school experience into distinguished careers, service, and/or excellence in the arts, academics, church ministry, or community service. They possess the highest standards of integrity and character. Their citizenship and accomplishments serve as a model to inspire and challenge today’s students.

1997 Recipients
Mary Gordon Brown (Class of 1925), Mike Morrison (Class of 1962), Alex Ratti (Honorary)

1998 Recipients
Father John McGrail (Class of 1928), Wendell Schoder (Class of 1944), David Vesely (Class of 1961)

1999 Recipients
Ed Baum (Class of 1925), Dorothy (Durbin) Schmitzer (Class of 1932), Lou Zande (Class of 1942), Santo Zanetti (Class of 1942), Lena (Maddalena) Wood (Class of 1944), Virginia (McCauley) Hendrickson (Class of 1949), Mark Behnke (Class of 1976)

2000 Recipients
John Hogan (Class of 1939), Leon Samulak (Class of 1941), Betty (Hayes) Newman (Class 1948), Gemma (Maddalena) Medich (Class of 1949), Ed Lawrence (Class 1952), Mary Jane (Shuckhart) Frederick (Class of 1965), Kathleen Brutsche (Class of 1973), Lauretta Gemrose (Honorary)

2001 Recipients
Raymond Schmitzer (Class of 1941), Carol (McCauley) Hayes (Class 1946), Vern Herzing (Class of 1951), Anthony Calderone (Class of 1956), Thomas Austin (Class of 1961), James Fausey (Class of 1965), Judi (Drozdowski) Andrews (Class of 1971), Paul Steele (Class of 1976), Todd Greenman (Class of 1981)

2002 Recipients
Margaret “Peg” (Schliess) Bradford (Class of 1952), Herbert Harmon (Class of 1962), Yolanda (Jo DePalma) Barton (Class of 1967), Jim McHale (Class of 1979)

2003 Recipients
Helen (Lawrence) Oliver (1928), John C. Sheehan (Class of 1932), Dora (Tonelli) Morales (Class of 1953), Dennis Duval (Class of 1968)

2004 Recipients
John J. Rae (Class of 1953), Nancy M. Brown (Class of 1954), Barbara (Bogosoff) Kowalski (Class of 1956), Jan (Gieske) Tolf (Class of 1961), Anne (Burke) Norlander (Class of 1966), Margie (Abbey) Miller (Class of 1969), Mary (Hunt) Rabbit (Class of 1974), Kathy Bond (Class of 1984)

2005 Recipients
Lois (Shuckhart) Calderone (Class of 1955), Jill (Gieske) Bradford (Class of 1959), Darryl Carratini (Class of 1970), Lee Lemon (Class of 1970), Greg Parker (Class of 1985)

2006 Recipients
Merritt W. Schoder (Class of 1941), Mary Ann (Clay) Cole (Class of 1944), Rudy Bartholomew (Class of 1946), J. Edward Baum (Class of 1951), Dolores (Degenhardt) Ray (Class of 1956), Margaret (Tozer) Hart (Class of 1956), In memory of Tim Howard (Class of 1971), Joseph Newman (Class of 1971)

2007 Recipients
Margaret “Peggy” (Skaggs) Hogan (Class of 1942), Helen (Bauman) Schoder (Class of 1946), Emily
Joan (McIntyre) Lawrence (Class of 1952), Sallee Boone (Class of 1952), Paul Fifer (Class of 1975)

2008 Recipients
In memory of Norman W. Schmitzer (Class of 1944), Barbara (Roelly) Bedolla (Class of 1958)
James Melluish (Class of 1958), Terri (Kelley) Sutherland (Class of 1968)

2009 Recipients
Maureen (Renie; McCauley) Pelter (Class of 1944), June (Klimmer) Crocker (Class of 1952), Joseph
Zuk (Class of 1965), Patrice “Patti” (Schoder) Emmerson, Class of 1977

2010 Recipients
In memory of David K. Ryan (Class of 1953), Michael J. Rae (Class of 1960), James “Jim” Palmer (Class of 1963) David Austin (Class of 1965), Mary Jo (Hendrickson) McPeake, (Class of 1969)

2011 Recipients
Rose Marie (Boone) Bond (Class of 1956), Dennis Cripps (Class of 1963), Connie Cole-Burland (Class of 1974), Jim Rutherford (Class of 1981), John Wagner (Class of 1987), Katie Nelson (Class of 1999)

2012 Recipients
Mary (Callahan) Murray (Class of 1956), Michael McVeigh (Class of 1962), Frank Zanetti (Class of 1972), John Zanetti (Class of 1975)

2013 Recipients
Sally (Black) Austin (Class of 1961), Katie Reed (Class of 2000)

2014 Recipients
Matt Howard (Class of 1974), Marc Pessetti (Class of 1974), Nick Buckley (Class of 2003)

2015 Recipients
John Walker (Class of 1960), Al Bell (Class of 1965), Vicky (Guerra) Groat (Class of 1985)

2016 Recipients
Kathleen (Bauman) Maddix (Class of 1968), David Salerno (Class of 1968), Daniel Salerno (Class of 1970)

2017 Recipients
Norma (Cull) Landstra (Class of 1957), Dave Jaconette (Class of 1981), Mike Jaconette (Class of 1982)

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