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Our Hall of Fame Members

The St. Philip Catholic Central High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes men and women who have been outstanding in “Big Red” athletics as a contestant, coach, volunteer and/or benefactor at St. Philip Catholic Central High School.

1994 Recipients
Paul Bauman (Class of 1944), Suzanna (Behnke) Carney (Class of 1975), Philip Clay (Class of 1941), Brett Formsma (Class of 1970), Sheila Guerra (honorary), Mike Hume (honorary), Father Adolph Nadrach (alumnus), Sister Therese Mary Rudell (honorary)

1995 Recipients
Joseph Bauman (Class of 1934), Stan Fleece (Class of 1947), Ed Greenman (Class of 1979), John Hayes (Class of 1990), Louis Loncaric (Class of 1953), Joe Repko (alumnus), Patti (Guerra) Zull (Class of 1977)

1996 Recipients
Jack Brown (honorary), Anthony Calderone (Class of 1956), John Cleary (honorary), Adam Drozdowski (honorary), Helen Kunkler (honorary), Gwen Pearce (honorary), Joseph Smith (Class of 1952), Dick Staib (Class of 1965)

1997 Recipients
Angela Albrecht (Class of 1983), Ed Bauman (Class of 1970), Ed Green (Class of 1945), Vicky (Guerra) Groat (Class of 1985), David Haan (Class of 1952), William McVeigh (honorary), Norman Schmitzer (Class of 1944), George Starring (Class of 1975)

1998 Recipients
Sue (Wezensky) Bauman (Class of 1977), Richard Cipcic (Class of 1954), David Downey (Class of 1978), James Hayes (Class of 1959), Walter Lawrence (Class of 1952), Raymond Perry (Class of 1957), Marc Pessetti (Class of 1974), Edward Bracy Vaughan (Class of 1951)

1999 Recipients
Victor Carattini (honorary), Theresa (Hayes) Clement (Class of 1981), Julie (Flees) Taft (Class of 1979), Norman Downey (Class of 1975), Rebecca Emrich (honorary), Al Leibert (honorary), Cathie (Petrucco) Littleton (Class of 1979), Donald Pape (honorary), Gena Reed (Class of 1976 ), Michael Reilly (Class of 1968), Ellen (Garland) Stevens (Class of 1977), Hank Strole (Class of 1969)

2000 Recipients
Susan (Haan) Bache (Class of 1977), Pete Brady (honorary), Shari (Haan) Chapman (Class of 1981), Monsignor William Fitzgerald (honorary), Louis Guerra (honorary), James Reece (Class of 1955), Fred Smith (Class of 1973)

2001 Recipients
Mark Beckley (Class of 1964), Mike Bess (honorary), Tim Hayes (Class of 1986), Pat Hurst (Class of 1982), Teri (Lawrence) Maisner (Class of 1976), Thomas Miller (honorary), Frank Niemann (honorary), William Skidmore (Class of 1957)

2002 Recipients
Carrie Adams (Class of 1991), Maurice Bauman (Class of 1978), Ronald Bosrock (Class of 1956), Paul Downey (Class of 1975), Mary (Lantinga) Faber (Class of 1990), Carl Olson (honorary), Mary (Hunt) Rabbitt (Class of 1974), Dwain Smith (honorary)

2003 Recipients
Stephen Guerra (Class of 1978), Tim Hutson (Class of 1984), John Jereck (Class of 1954), Tom Lawrence (Class of 1975), Shannon Lucas Class of 1990), Vince Miller (honorary), Megan Reetz (Class of 1993)

2004 Recipients
Mary Buckingham (Class of 1983), Kim (Dalimonte) Wallace (Class of 1992), Tony Greene (honorary), Mike Low (honorary), Jack Pearl (honorary), James Pearl (Class of 1992), John Zuk (Class of 1975)

2005 Recipients
John Bauman (Class of 1975), Larry Caswell (Class of 1958), Casimer Dzwik (honorary), Jen (Heisler) McGowan (Class of 1995), Amy (Nelson) Schaub (Class of 1990)

2006 Recipients
Nancy Pearl (honorary), Mike Darr (honorary), Mary (Martin) Lambert (Class of 1984), Therese (Martin) Selover (Class of 1985), Joe Zuk (Class of 1965), Joe Brutsche (Class of 1967)

2007 Recipients
Mary Chadwick (Class of 1997), Reverend Charles Fischer (honorary), Reverend John Fleckenstein (honorary), Beth (Bauman) Greenman (Class of 1979), Michael Lucas (Class of 1994), Brooke (Formsma) Mueller (Class of 1997), James Pessetti (honorary), Mary Jo (Smith) Jager (Class of 1977)

2009 Recipients
Jerry Reece (Class of 1958), Richard “Dick” Smith (honorary), Steve Smith (Class of 1975)

2010 Recipients
The St. Philip High School 2010 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Ruth and Bill McVeigh.
Patrick Downey (Class of 1996), Pat Frost (Class of 1970), Mary Reilly (honorary), Terry Newton (honorary)

2011 Recipients
The St. Philip Catholic Central High School 2011 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was dedicated to Lois and Pete Werner
Jim Atchley (Class of 1942), Terry O’Brien (Class of 1973), Mark Stoimenoff (Class of 1972)

2012 Recipients
The St. Philip Catholic Central High School 2012 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was dedicated to Pat and Doug Riggs
Marty Haan (Class of 1980), Mike Hutson (Class of 1986), Brock Maichele (Class of 1992), Bob Stuart (Class of 1976)

2013 Recipients
The 2013 Homecoming and Hall of Fame is dedicated to the memory of Sister Therese Mary Rudell.
Amiee (Greene) Downey (Class of 1999), Tom Faber (Class of 1987), Philip Hurst, Sr. (Class of 1956), Chris Magers (Class of 1968), Allyson (Riley) McKnight (Class of 2003), Jeff Ramer (Class of 1997)

2014 Recipients
Robert J. O’Brien (Class of 1945), Rick Staib (Class of 1988)

2015 Recipients
Ted Fitzgerald (honorary), Mike Leifeld (Class of 2003)

2016 Recipients
Randy Ziraldo (Class of 1969), David Bauman (Class of 1971)

2017 Recipients
Philip Mitchell (Class of 1980), Jessica (Greene) Polnasek (Class of 2005), Allyson (Doyle) Bauman (Class of 2007)

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