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BCACS Foundation College Scholarship Application

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Extra-curricular Information

Students are to complete just one application for consideration for the scholarships. However, for each scholarship that requires an essay, students should complete an unique essay for each one. Please cut and paste your essay in the boxes below. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 22. Read below for more information regarding the essay questions for each scholarship. Additional information is available in the Student Services Office.

Please complete the necessary essay(s)
General Essay for the following Scholarships is 300 to 500 words UNLESS otherwise indicated.
Choose one of the following topics. 1. What made you choose your field of study? 2. Where do you see yourself in ten years? 3. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?
Discuss how this scholarship will help you become a better Christian person.
This scholarship is for St. Philip seniors who participated in the St. Philip internship program. It will be determined by your internship evaluation or feedback from your employer; your 700 to 1,500 word essay; and formal presentation to the school and community. In the essay, please answer the following: Discuss how the St. Philip Internship program has changed you, your perspective, your understanding of your faith and/or your plans for the future.
Discuss an obstacle or adversity that you faced and how you overcame it. What did you learn?
In a short essay, explain how being a member of a St. Philip Catholic Central athletic team has helped you for your future endeavors. Please be mindful of Coach Pete Francisco's character traits of having a positive attitude, being a team player, and always giving 101%.
How has being part of the St. Philip Catholic Central football team prepared you for your future or made you a better person?
STP tennis player only: How would you define what it means to be a best buddy?

The BCACS Foundation provides these scholarship funds through the generosity of individuals and families from our Catholic parishes and schools. We are appreciative of their commitment to our graduates and their desire to support the future academic goals our St. Philip seniors. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, made payable to the awardees and their designated college or secondary institution. Scholarships are to be used for college-related expenses such as tuition, fees and campus living expenses.

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