Sereah Skutt

Sereah Skutt enjoys many forms of art, creativity, and self-expression. The theater is her hobby and music is her passion.

Sereah most recently played the lead in The Great Escape Stage Company’s production of “A Wrinkle in Time”.

“I wasn’t off the stage for more than two minutes at a time,” Sereah said. “I was always on stage, and it was great.”

Music has a special place in Sereah’s heart. She sings and plays piano, doing both for the school choir during Friday Masses.

“I like playing and singing classical music,” Sereah said.

College isn’t new for Sereah. She was dual-enrolled at Delta College before her family moved to Battle Creek and she started attending St. Philip. She anticipates getting her associates degree by next summer.

The next step in Sereah’s academic plan is to transfer to Saginaw Valley State University or Western Michigan University to study music education and performance.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

John Downey

John (J.C.) Downey already has his eyes set on business as his major.

J.C. found an interest in business when he took his Junior Achievement class last year. He became more invested in the field when he took Intro to Business as a dual-enrolled student at Kellogg Community College.

“Once I took that class, I felt like I really wanted to go into business,” J.C. said. “It really pushed me down that path.”

He got a chance to jump-start his business career through his Behnke Transportation senior internship. It exposed him to the logistics of a running a business, an opportunity he appreciated.

“I’m glad I did it,” J. C. said.

A multi-sport athlete, J.C. plans on studying at and playing for Olivet College.

“I really like the feel, the atmosphere, and the campus,” J.C. said. “I’m looking forward to participating in sporting events.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Spencer Schaub

Spencer Schaub valued his Department of Human Services internship in Child Protective Services this year. He was happy to make a positive impression on the people at the office.

“I realized that I have an impact on people,” Spencer said. “Everyday I walk in there’s always someone super-excited to see me.”

Spencer plans to start his college career at Kellogg Community College and then transfer to either Western Michigan University or the University of Nebraska.

“The University of Nebraska is somewhere new,” Spencer said. “I’d get to start over, and get a new experience in life.”

Spencer intends on graduating with a degree in psychology. After that, he wants to pursue a job in family counseling.

“I want to understand how the human brain works,” Spencer said. “I want to understand emotions and why people react to certain things.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Joseph Thang

Joseph Thang had an exciting four years at St. Philip High School.

“It was lit,” Joseph said.

Joseph can list many highlights, but the soccer team making it to the district finals his senior year was by far his favorite.

“It was the first time the team made it to the finals in nine years,” Joseph said.

Joseph interned at Neighborhood Incorporated, a company designed to help inform and educate new homeowners. Joseph helped the company with its social media marketing.

“I posted things on Facebook to show that we are active and involved in the community,” Joseph said.

Although Joseph had a great internship experience, he doesn’t want to pursue marketing as a career. He plans on going to Kellogg Community College to explore what area of study suits him best.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Joseph said. “It’s all up to God.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

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