Jude Cox

Jude Cox’s high school highlight was attending the Battle Creek Math and Science Center. He liked the large school setting and was glad to have the opportunity to meet new people.

“Even though there are more kids at the center, I find it much more comfortable,” Jude said.

This top ten senior is excited to walk around the big college campus of Michigan State University as a freshman next year. He intends to study computer science.

“I just like coding,” Jude said. “It’s satisfying when something works.”

The Research Methods class at the BCMSC inspired him to pursue computer science. Jude’s symposium project was to model, design, construct, and test a brain wave scanner.

“I think the development of programs that are able to do that is pretty cool,” Jude said. “I just want to be a part of that technology.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Seth Wojcik

Seth Wojcik is going to Kellogg Community College next year with an open mind as to his future career. If he had to choose right now, Seth would probably choose the medical field.

“I want to major in something exciting and high stress or at least something that is different every day,” Seth said.

Seth’s Senior Capstone project was on evolution and the Catholic Church’s perspective. Seth found the research enlightening, as well as helpful in defending his faith.

“If you actually take the time and look into a topic, you’ll figure out that [the Catholic teachings] are more in-depth,” Seth said. “They address the issue. It’s not just something they avoid talking about.”

Seth sees the past four years as an opportunity to have fun before college begins. He describes high school as a “once in a lifetime” experience.

“I’ll miss the high school things that you will never be able to do ever again,” Seth said.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Madison Elliot

Madison (Madi) Elliot wants to become an oncologist and help others in the fight against cancer. It’s a hard path, but Madi doesn’t mind.

“I’m excited for a challenge,” Madi said. “I’m open to whatever life throws at me.”

Madi’s hard work and dedication resulted in her being the Class of 2019’s Valedictorian, as well as one of St. Philip’s Senior Capstone finalists. Sticking to her goals is a big part of Madi’s success. The swag, however, doesn’t change how her outlook on graduation.

“I honestly don’t feel any different,” Madi said. “I’m just excited to be graduating with my class.”

Madi will attend the University of Michigan this fall, where she plans to study biology at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

“I’ve always been excited for the future,” Madi said. “I am excited to move on and to see what is going to happen.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Ryan Reincke

Ryan Reincke is one of the Class of 2019’s top athletes. When he isn’t on the field, Ryan is in the stands, rooting all of St. Philip’s teams to victory.

“I just like to watch and support the school’s teams,” Ryan said.

The friendships Ryan has made in sports, particularly during summer football practices, are among his favorite high school memories. Baseball, however, is his favorite sport to play. In fact, he plans on playing baseball when he starts at Kellogg Community College this fall.

Initially interested in urban planning, Ryan wants to study construction in college. Old buildings in Battle Creek had a part in sparking this interest. He likes to follow renovation and repurposing projects in the newspaper, like the one at the Heritage Tower.

Ryan describes his high school experience as “a joyride”.

“It wasn’t that hard, but you still have to put some work in,” Ryan said.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

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