Abigail Hill

Abigail Hill wasn’t sure what to study in college until she went to the Calhoun Area Career Center.

“Everyone would ask me the same old question concerning my career,” Abby said. “I would wander in the abyss of that question, dragging my feet through the fog of uncertainty.”

Now Abby is dead-set on graphic design. Typography is her favorite subject.

“Typography is understanding how to use different styles as a design choice,” Abby said.

Abby earned an internship with John Heart through a presentation project. The project wasn’t intended to have an internship as an award, but Heart offered her a position anyway.

“I knew I was a great graphic design student, but I wasn’t expecting to receive an internship,” Abby said.

Abby plans on continuing college at Kellogg Community College and then transferring to Michigan State. Wherever she goes, Abby wants to make her father proud.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Michael Hluang

Michael Hluang wants to attend Kellogg Community College so he can explore what he wants to study at a smaller price.

In addition to college, Michael is interested in exploring a military career path in the National Guard.

“It might sound childish, but I guess I’ve always wanted to become a soldier when I was little,” Michael said.

Michael interns with the Battle Creek Police department, where he rides along with different officers. As a result, Michael is considering a career as a police officer after his military experience.

“They are different in a lot of ways,” Michael said. “But the police department is similar to the military in terms of ranks and respect.”

High school itself has gone by faster than Micheal initially thought.

“It’s pretty amazing how fast time flies,” Michael said. “I feel like I’m still in freshman or sophomore year.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Alexis Pessetti

Alex Pessetti is a very busy senior and will be an even busier freshman at Western Michigan University. She plans to go into the medical field as a pediatric nurse.

“I love working with young children along with helping others,” Alex said.

For two days of the week, Alex interns at the Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. The other three days she spends time with children at the Battle Creek Christian Early Learning Center.

“The hospital internship gives me the feel of what the medical field is actually like, and the daycare helps me develop better skills when working with young children,” Alex said.

Alex credits her high school experience for preparing her for a successful future.

“I have not only developed a better education and understanding of the world, but I have developed a better understanding of myself,” Alex said.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Matthew Gordon

Matthew Gordon has a unique perspective on his time at St. Philip and the Battle Creek Math and Science Center.

“The past four years have been a contrast between the religious and the scientific,” Matt said.

Although Matt has delved into a multitude of subjects, he wants to contribute to the cinematic universe and study film production.

“In the grand scheme of things, I’d like to make my own films,” Matt said.

Matt’s favorite genre is science fiction. His schoolwork at the BCMSC sparks interest in using his knowledge of STEM sciences in a creative light.

Another influence is his art class at St. Philip.Matthew Gordon

“I do my best work when I am allowed to be creative,” Matt said.

Yet another influence is his Capstone project on morality.

“It is much more of a philosophical subject rather than grounded in scripture,” Matt said. “Anyone can derive conclusions from it based upon thought.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

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