Irene Hibbard

Irene Hibbard wants to become a nurse for a simple reason.

“I like helping people,” Irene said. “That sounds so basic, but knowing that I can save someone’s life is really cool.”

When she graduates, Irene will be a certified Emergency Medical Technician. She accomplished this as a dual-enrolled student through Kellogg Community College.

“Hands-on experience is really important,” Irene said. “They can teach it, but you won’t remember it any other way.”

Irene will continue her education at KCC after her graduation from St. Philip. After two years, she will transfer to Michigan State University or Western Michigan University to finish her bachelor’s degree.

Despite having eyes fixed on the future, graduation is going to be bittersweet for this multisport athlete.

“I will miss the sports and the people,” Irene said. “Everyone here is best friends.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Brendan Duff

Brendan Duff is creative and laid-back, which is why he enjoys classes like gym and art.

“I like Sketchbook Day on Friday because I can doodle,” Brendan said. “I like the freedom to do my own thing.”

He enjoys his graphic design internship with the Haven of Rest, finding creative outlets inside the work. When he isn’t helping with paperwork, he’s designing a poster by which the staff will remember him.

Brendan intends to study graphic design after graduation, first at Kellogg Community College and eventually Michigan State University.

Brendan’s Senior Capstone project was on whether cloning was morally acceptable. This subject caught his attention because he is a huge Star Wars fan, specifically the “Clone Wars” storyline. The Capstone, however, took him in a different direction.

“I already knew a lot on the topic, but I didn’t see it from a Catholic perspective until the Capstone,” Brendan said.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Maya Segovia

Maya Segovia is ready to move her future along.

“[High school] taught me valuable lessons that have helped shape me, but I’m okay with moving on,” Maya said.

Maya interns at the Learning Zone, where she works with young children. She initially thought she wanted to be a teacher, but changed her mind. She plans to study business or marketing at Michigan State University this fall.

“I prefer this path,” Maya said. “It’s more flexible, and there is more opportunity for growth.”

Between the volleyball state finals and being homecoming queen, Maya couldn’t determine which highlight shone brighter. However, she is most proud of her development throughout high school.

“Over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot,” Maya said. “I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth in all aspects of my life, but most importantly, in independence.”

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

Nolan Kersten

Nolan Kersten plans to study mechanical engineering at Penn State University or West Point this fall.

“I was told I should choose something that I like for a job,” Nolan said. “That way I don’t have to ‘work’ a day in my life.”

Nolan took up the torch and became the National Honor Society’s blood drive coordinator. His leadership in this position has set an example for next year’s coordinator.

“I try to get as many people to donate as possible,” Nolan said. “I don’t want to be the one with the low numbers.”

Nolan is proud to be a St. Philip athlete and plays multiple sports. Many students know of his astounding defense on the football field, but his favorite sport is track.

“Going to States for track was one of the most satisfying parts of the year,” Nolan said.

By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

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