St. Joseph students don’t have to travel far to access a variety of extra-curricular activities. Our After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) has been bringing clubs, sports clinics, language lessons, art, music, and cooking classes to the school grounds since 2016.

Art Club is a regular After School Enrichment offering.

Each quarter offers something different. Each class is cost-effective. Each instructor is uniquely qualified. And the upcoming quarter is no exception.

“There is a lot to pick from this spring session,” program coordinator Jeanine Winkler said. “We are so excited to offer all of these new and returning programs.”

New programs include an Escape Room challenge, a cookie/cake decorating class, and a baseball clinic run by former MLB baseball pitcher Tim Redding.

Returning favorites include Art Club, yoga class, and coach Vicky Groat’s volleyball clinic. These programs are offered in addition to Bricks 4 Kidz and Girls on the Run.

Bricks 4 Kidz is a perennial ASEP offering.

Bringing such diversity close to home is due in no small part to Mrs. Winkler.

As St. Joseph Elementary School’s administrative assistant, she gets to know parents, teachers, alumni, and administrators. Many of these people either have the skills necessary to teach an ASEP class or know someone who does, and Mrs. Winkler is sure to ask.

“I always have my ear to the ground when new people come to the school,” Mrs. Winkler said.

St. Joseph Elementary students are learning sign language from Riki Albert during one of our After Schoool Enrichment Programs.

Mrs. Winkler also has an ear open to our students, listening to what they want, especially when it comes to middle school.

“We want to blend more classes into middle school,” Mrs. Winkler said. “We would love to find those kids who are not finding a niche with what the school currently sponsors and learn what they are interested in.”

This January the middle-schooler filled out surveys, which gave Mrs. Winkler “lots of great information.” Based on those surveys, Mrs. Winkler is looking to bring more STEM classes to the ASEP lineup as well as a survival class.

Not every class is the product of Mrs. Winkler’s recruitment. Lately, potential instructors have approached her with ideas – this quarter’s Escape Room and the “Sweet Designs” cake-decorating classes being prime examples.

“The program has been consistent enough season after season that I now have people coming to me,” Mrs. Winkler said. “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Who knows what next quarter will bring, but registration for this quarter is going on now.

If you have a suggestion for an ASEP class, are interested in teaching, or want to enroll your child this quarter, please contact Jeanine Winkler, 269-965-7749 or

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