By: Magdalene J. Hill, Class of 2019

The senior internship program at St Philip has undergone some changes under the direction and authority of internship teacher Michelle Fuller.

The purpose of the internship class is to prepare seniors for college and career. Exposing the students to real life job scenarios and techniques will provide them with tools they need to be one step ahead of the game.

Before diving into career choices and college applications, Mrs. Fuller started with personality and learning style tests.

“It is important for everybody to understand themselves before they figure out what they want to be,” Mrs. Fuller said.

Once the students had figured out their strengths, they researched what they wanted to study in college and what career paths interested them.

Students learned how to format neat resumes while being brief and straight to the point about their achievements. They also learned about job skills.

While hard skills, like computer programing and engineering, are essentials for specific jobs, soft skills, like leadership and time management, are universal. Some soft skills come naturally, while others take a while to develop. Mrs. Fuller incorporated soft skill activities into the curriculum.

“Soft skills are critical for success in college or career,” Mrs. Fuller said. “They are the skills you use in whatever job you choose.”

Landing an internship requires an interview and first impressions are important. Dress attire, a firm handshake, and eye contact are just some of a long list of techniques to master as an interviewee.

Mrs. Fuller contacted past colleagues and St. Philip parents to conduct mock interviews for the students. Practice makes perfect, so each student was interviewed by four different interviewers.

Senior John Downey practices his interviewing skills.

Senior Alexis Pessetti practices her interviewing skills.

Senior Nicholas DweHein practices his interviewing skills.

“My experience in the mock interview process was great,” senior Nicholas DweHein said. “It was intense and got very serious, but it helped me to be more comfortable.”

When second semester started, it was time for the interns to leave the nest. Most students took on one internship, but senior Alex Pessetti took on two. Alex works at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital and the Battle Creek Christian Early Learning Center.

“At the hospital, I am usually just answering phones and helping direct visitors to their patients,” Alex said. “At the daycare, I am provided with plenty of work. Between bottles, diapers, naps, etc. I never run out of anything to do.”

Senior Maya Segovia works at Learning Zone in Pennfield. Every day she is surrounded by children.

“My first day was great because the children welcomed me with open arms,” Maya said. “My experience has strengthened me in a positive way because I learn new things every day.”

The senior interns are practicing their soft skills and work ethic in a real working environment, paving the road to graduation.

Senior Faith Scriber pauses to give a smile during her renovation internship at St. Philip.

“It’s a unique experience for our high school seniors that allows them to prepare for their next chapter, be it college or career, with a real world experience,” Mrs. Fuller said. “I want them to remember to put the quality in because that’s what people will see them as. The work they’ve done is a reflection of themselves.”

Magdalene Hill is a St. Philip Catholic Central senior and a BCACS Blog intern. Contact her at

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