By: Abbie Lahr, Class of 2019

School started up with many positives on the court and off. This week’s BCACS Basketball Roundup will feature the top players of each game, a summary of what happened, and either overall averages or game totals for each player.

Our Varsity boys had a tough loss against Athens with a score of 55-75. Our boys’ worked hard, but they couldn’t finish the game on the right note. The top players were Conor Gausselin, with 21 points and five assists, and JC Downey, with nine points. Our boys came out of a close game against Colon with a 55-44 win. The top players were Conor Gausselin, with 19 points, seven rebounds, and four assists, and JC Downey, with 11 points and seven rebounds.

Below are the overall averages for each player.

Gausselin, Conor
Downey, JC
Kersten, Nolan6.
Reinke, Ryan5.
Finnila, Hunter5.
Landstra, Brodie
Thang, Joe3.
Redmond, Seth1.
Schaub, Spencer0.


The Varsity girls had an unexpected day-off, as weather canceled the Litchfield contest. The Jackson Christian game also had some challenges, as the March for Life and a robotics event left both St. Philip teams short a few players. The decision was made to have our JV and Varsity girls play together against Jackson Christian’s Varsity. It was a quick, high-scoring, and exciting game. The girls’ earned a close and very intense win with a score of 54-49. The top players of the game were Baily Fancher, with 16 points, and Abbie Lahr, with 11 points, 12 rebounds, and five assists.

Below are the statistics for the Jackson Christian game only.

Fancher, Baily163000
Lahr, Abbie1112512
Hibbard, Irene61023
Mullis, Elsa67210
Kersten, Alex64002
Pessetti, Alex65020
Sheets, Chelsea31000
Deol, Harleen02000


The JV boys fought hard against Athens but came out on the losing end with a 15-48 score. The top player of this match was Chris Adam with 11 points. Our boys had another tough loss against Colon with 8-36 score. The top player of this game was Marcel Williams with four points.

Below, are the total points for the last two games.

Adam, Chris11
Williams, Marcel4
Huo, Yuchang2
Lian, Bosco2
Strenge, Gus2
Bradley, Jon2


Our next BCACS Basketball Roundup will have the high school boys’ games against Burr Oak and Camden, the high school girls’ game against Athens and Colon, and the middle school girls’ game against Colon.

Check out our the calendar for dates and details on all upcoming games for both high school and middle school.

Abbie Lahr is a senior at St. Philip Catholic Central High School. You can contact her at

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