By: Abbie Lahr, Class of 2019

School started up with many positives on the court and off. The second semester just started up making this season special for seniors while time is closing in quickly. In this week’s BCACS Basketball Roundup, I have the top players of each game, a summary of what happened, and the overall averages for each player.

Our Varsity boys blew right past Litchfield with a score of 58-37. The offense was productive and driven. Litchfield had no chance with the energy St. Philip brought to the table that night. The top players were Conor Gausselin, with 17 points, Nolan Kersten, with 11 points, and JC Downey, chipping in ten points. Our boys lost a close, high-scoring game against Jackson Christian by a score of 66-72. The top players of this game were Conor Gausselin, with 26 points 15 rebounds, and 6 assist, JC Downey, adding 13 points, and Hunter Finnila, tipping in 12 points.

Below are the updated seasonal averages.

Gausselin, Conor
Downey, JC
Kersten, Nolan6.
Reinke, Ryan5.
Finnila, Hunter53.
Landstra, Brodie
Thang, Joe3.
Redmond, Seth1.
Schaub, Spencer0.
Williams, Marcel---------------


Our Varsity girls fell short in an exciting match-up against Climax-Scotts by a score of 31-34. The game went back and forth until late in the fourth quarter when the Tigers resorted to fouling to get a chance at the game. The top players were Abbie Lahr, with 14 points, seven rebounds, and four steals, and Irene Hibbard, with 11 points, nine rebounds, and four steals. Our girls fell short against a tough Bellevue team by a score of 42-53. The top players of this game were Irene Hibbard and Abbie Lahr, both dishing in 12 points each.

Below are the updated seasonal averages.

Lahr, Abbie10.
Hibbard, Irene10.
Fancher, Baily4.
Mullis, Elsa3.
Deol, Harleen3.
Kersten, Alex2.
Pessetti, Alex1.
Sheets, Chelsea0.


The JV boys had a close game against Litchfield, winning 34-29. Consistent teamwork was the key to this game. The top players were Chris Adam, with 18 points, Yuchang Huo, with seven points, and Bosco Lian, adding in six points. Our boys endured a tough contest against Jackson Christian, resulting in a 16-46 loss on the road. The top players were Gus Strenge, with eight points, and Yuchang Huo, with 6 points.

Below are the week’s point leaders.

Adam, Chris18
Huo, Yuchang13
Lian, Bosco6
Strenge, Gus8


The JV girls fought hard against Climax-Scotts to gain another win by a score of 40-32. It was a close game throughout, but the Tigers put up a 10 point lead after halftime to set them up for success. The top players were Rachel Myers, with 14 points, 20 rebounds, and seven steals, and as Ari Pontoni, dishing in seven points and five steals. The JV girls’ lost a tough game against Bellevue with a score of 29-44. The top players were Alexis Snyder and Eve Hibbard, both putting in eight points each.

Below are the stats from the Climax-Scotts game only.

Myers, Rachel1420370
Pontoni, Ari74250
Pontoni, Gigi68063
Hibbard, Eve57012
Snyder, Alexis49011
Tial, Vum43110
Campos, Therese01010
Hines, Elaina03011


The girls’ middle-school team will play their first game on January 14th. The next BCACS Basketball Roundup will include the high school boys’ results against Athens and Colon, and the high school girls’ results against Jackson Christian and the rescheduled Litchfield game.

Check out our the calendar for dates and details on all upcoming games for both high school and middle school.

Abbie Lahr is a senior at St. Philip Catholic Central High School. You can contact her at

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