By: Abbie Lahr, Class of 2019

Was that a sleigh bell I hear? Oh, no it was just the whistle again. This week’s roundup will look a bit different. I will break down what happened in the games, the top players, and the new averages.

Varsity Boys Basketball
Our varsity boys have fallen for the first time this season. They fought hard against Pittsford but lost 28-51. The top player for this game was Conor Gausselin with 10 points. They followed this with a blow-out win against rival Climax-Scotts in Climax, with a final score of 67-39. The top players of the game were Conor Gausselin, with 28 points and nine rebounds, JC Downey, with nine points and seven rebounds, and Ryan Reinke dishing in seven assists. The varsity boys are now 5-1 on the season. Below, are the averages in the last six games.

Downey, JC
Finnila, Hunter2.
Gausselin, Conor
Kersten, Nolan6.
Landstra, Brodie
Redmond, Seth0.
Reinke, Ryan
Schaub, Spencer0.
Thang, Joe4.
Williams, Marcel-----

Varsity Girls Basketball
Shooting their way into their first win of the season is the varsity girls. They took the win Tuesday in Tekonsha with a score of 66-22. The top players of the game were Irene Hibbard, with 20 points and nine rebounds, Alex Kersten, with 11 points and nine rebounds, and Elsa Mullis, with 12 points, six rebounds, and four steals. The varsity girls added another win Friday in North Adams with a score of 42-20. Top players Friday were Irene Hibbard, with 16 points and five steals, Abbie Lahr, with 11 points, eight rebounds, and four steals, and Elsa Mullis, chipping in five points and seven steals. The varsity girls are now 2-2 on the season. Below, are the averages in the last four games.

Deol, Harleen3.
Fancher, Baily3.
Hibbard, Irene11.
Kersten, Alex3.
Lahr, Abbie9.
Mullis, Elsa4.
Pessetti, Alex2.
Sheets, Chelsea1.

JV Boys Basketball
As with the varsity boys, the JV boys fell short against Pittsford on Monday. The top player was Chris Adam, scoring six. Thursday the lost to Climax-Scotts with a score of 26-41. Top players were Chris Adam with 22 points, as well as Yucheng Huo, adding three points. Below point leaders for this week.

Adam, Chris28
Huo, Yuchang3

JV Girls Basketball
The JV girls are on a winning streak. Tuesday they picked up a win in Tekonsha. Top players were Alexis Snyder, with 12 points and 11 rebounds, as well as Vum Tial adding in six points and nine rebounds. Friday the girls picked up another win, this time in North Adams, with a score of 21-13. Top players were Rachel Myers, with four points, eight rebounds, and five steals, as well as Alexis Snyder, dishing in four points, four rebounds, and four steals. The JV girls are on fire, bringing their record to 3-1 on the season. Below, are the averages in the last four games.

Campos, Therese1.
Hibbard, Eve2.
Hines, Elaina (injured)
Myers, Rachel4.810.
Pontoni, Ari4.
Pontoni, Gigi2.53.50.753.21.0
Snyder, Alexis4.57.00.753.50.0
Tial, Vum3.55.00.752.50.5

Middle School Boys Basketball
The middle school boys team closed their amazing season with a record of 10-3. In the last against Colon, Ben Crocker led all scorers with 17 points, and Ryan Casterline scored four points. Coach Mike Leifeld was proud of his team.

“Our game plan was to feed our forwards in the post, and we executed that well,” Coach Leifeld said. “Crocker was a beast in the paint, as he’s been all year long. Defensively, we were a little soft to start the game, but we eventually turned up the intensity and were able to hold Colon to just six points in the second half. Casterline shut down the Magi’s best player, allowing Dante Jones-Hockett, Jacob Sheets and Luke Hodulik to get several steals, which led to a lot of transition baskets. The win capped an amazing season for our sixth and seventh-grade boys. I’m proud of the hard work they put in at practice every week, and their improvement really showed from start to end. I hope to see all of them come out to play again next season.”

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The middle school girls have their first game in Athens on January 14th.

Both varsity teams and JV teams have games over Christmas Break against Union City. The JV teams play Friday, December 28th at St. Philip High School. The varsity teams play Saturday, December 29th at the Fieldhouse in Battle Creek.

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Abbie Lahr is a senior at St. Philip Catholic Central High School. You can contact her at


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