STP Senior Spotlight

Haydin Hutson

Haydin Hutson’s favorite high school memory didn’t take place at St. Philip. It didn’t even take place in the United States.

“Going to Costa Rica with the [St. Philip] Adventure Club my sophomore year was a great experience,” Haydin said.

This multi-sport, highly-involved student has more adventures planned, emphasis on the word “plan”.

“My ultimate goal is to plan events specifically in the sports area,” Haydin said.

Finishing in the top ten of her class, Haydin will continue her education at Arizona State University.

“It has a really good program for sports event planning,” Haydin said. “Since it’s in Phoenix I have all those internship opportunities with professional teams.”

Thanks to her senior internship with the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, Haydin will those programs with experience. She planned two golf outings for the city.

“It’s so much more work than I thought, but I like it,” Haydin said.


STP Senior Spotlight

Hannah Stevens

Hannah Stevens plans to return to the classroom after her graduation, not just for college but a career in education.

“I’ve always liked working with kids,” Hannah said. “I wanted to do something where I could both help people and work with kids.”

Right now, Hannah is interning in a West Lake Elementary kindergarten classroom.

“It is so rewarding to see the students truly start to understand what we are teaching them,” Hannah said. “I have seen some students make amazing improvements in their learning.”

Hannah finished in the top ten of her class and received Kellogg Community College’s Gold Key Scholarship. Her time as the cross-country team captain is among her favorite St. Philip memories.

“I felt like we grew a lot as a family this year,” Hannah said. “We were super close, and we had a great time at every meet. That is something I will never forget.”


STP Senior Spotlight

Trevor Fuller


STP Senior Spotlight

Tyler Fuller

Never have two seniors shared one spotlight, but twins Trevor and Tyler Fuller deserve the exception. Although interviewed separately, their answers testified to a shared life.

“Being a twin is a good conversation-starter,” Trevor said. “You always know you have someone at school with you.”

Both attended the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools since kindergarten. Both attended the Math and Science Center.

Both share similar looks and humor, which led to some shenanigans early in their education.

“We switched spots once in kindergarten, and our teacher didn’t notice until halfway through the day,” Trevor said.

“That was funny,” Tyler said.

Both had summer jobs as lifeguards. Together, they co-founded TNT Jamz, a DJ service frequently requested for BCACS dances.

“We will stop after this year,” Trevor said. “Probably.”

Both play brass instruments for the St. Philip Marching and Concert Band. Both play soccer for the St. Philip co-operative with Calhoun Christian, Trevor being the captain.

Both are National Honor Society members. Both are counted among the top ten in their class, Tyler being the salutatorian.

Even their favorite high school memories share a similar theme – friendship.

“My favorite part of high school is being with the members of our class for so long,” Tyler said. “I’m glad to be able to finish the rest of my primary education with them.”

“Playing on the soccer team is probably my favorite part,” Trevor said. “All the guys I got to play with – they were like brothers.”

Up to and including his real brother.

Both are interested in engineering and may very well end up at the same college. Tyler has chosen the University of Dayton and Trevor is considering it.

If they both end up at the University of Dayton, will they room together?

“We might,” Trevor said.

“Probably,” Tyler said. “Probably.”

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