Fiona Daugherty
Fiona Daugherty

Fiona Daugherty had a quick, but memorable high school career.

“I was able to finish high school in three years,” Fiona said. “Throughout the struggle, I was able to make a lot of great friends. The teachers here have been wonderful in getting me through it. Honestly, the people have been my favorite part.”

Her struggle produced good fruit. Fiona has earned a 3.7 GPA and acceptance into Michigan State University, where she plans to study animal science.

“My family has a hobby farm,” Fiona said. “I’ve been around animals my whole life.”

Fiona’s faith has grown with her love for animals during her internship at Dog Zone.

“I’ve said a quick prayer on more than one occasion when working with a difficult dog,” Fiona said. “God brings me small victories. I don’t always get what I ask for, but I still feel pretty accomplished when I get something right.”


Jared Jones

Jared Jones

Jared Jones had mixed emotions during Homecoming.

“It sort of hit me that I’m a senior and I’m graduating,” Jared said. “It made me happy and sad. I’m going to miss high school, but I’m ready to get on with my life.”

Getting ready involved choosing a career path. Ultimately, Jared decided to follow his grandpa’s lead.

“My grandpa was an electrician,” Jared said. “I know a lot of kids don’t go into the trades, but the trades are really open, and there are a lot of jobs.”

After serving an apprenticeship under a master electrician, Jared would be a journeyman, enabling him to work on his own or for different companies.

“I figure an apprenticeship is basically me getting to paid to learn to be an electrician, so that would be a good choice for me,” Jared said.

As for grandpa?

“My grandpa thought it was a good idea.”


Kirstin Finnila
Kirstin Finnila

Kirstin Finnila’s favorite part of high school had a close second.

“The friendships I’ve made are my favorite part,” Kirstin said. “But also sports, too”

It makes sense.

This multi-sport, highly-decorated athlete has been competing for St. Philip year-round since her freshman year. After graduation, she will be playing volleyball for Kalamazoo Valley Community College, where she plans to study physical therapy.

“I’ve always been into the health field and sports,” Kirstin said. “I had to go to physical therapy and I liked the atmosphere. I want to help people get better.”

Currently, this Math and Science Center student is interning at the chiropractic neurology and rehabilitation center Spine & Brian.

“I’m the patient, I work in the office, and I assist Dr. Doubleday so I can have all views of the job,” Kirstin said.

The internship has piqued her interest in chiropractic work and earned her a summer job.

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