We are beginning the 2018 edition of our Senior Spotlights. Each Tuesday, you can read individual snapshots of our seniors and what plans they have their future. Enjoy!

Uri Gaona

Uri Gaona is a soft-spoken young man with big plans.

“I want to go into business administration,” Uri said. “I think what intrigues me about becoming a business manager is not being in charge but being able to be a leader and help a business grow into something bigger and better.”

Uri is interning at Gallagher Uniforms, where he has had opportunities in sales, marketing, and finance.

“They are trying to get me in every department because I’m not sure which I want to go into right now,” Uri said.

Whichever area, Uri will be studying for his degree at Michigan State University, a big school with plenty of people and possibilities.

“I want to meet new people and improve my verbal communication skills,” Uri said. “I think MSU would help me do that.”

Some of Uri’s favorite high school memories involve the soccer team, with teammates he considers “brothers.”


Nik Boggio

Nik Boggio is a patient person.

When looking for an internship in aviation, the Battle Creek airport wasn’t a good fit, and the Western Michigan University intern program was full. So, he took a position with St. Philip as a janitor.

“I have always wanted better organization skills, and being a janitor has actually helped me,” Nik said. “Seeing my house dirty kind of weirds me out now.”

When this multi-sport athlete fractured his ankle, he continued to pursue the sports he loves, especially basketball, even if it was from the bench.

Nik is also patient with himself, heading to Kellogg Community College after graduation.

“I need time to develop stronger study habits and change the way I think about school before heading to a large college,” Nik said. “I also like the aspect of KCC being small because I would personally want more one-on-one time with my teacher.”


Morgan Bohannon

“Fun” is a word Morgan Bohannon often uses, whether he is recounting his high school athletic career, his part-time job, his senior photos, or a few freshmen-year shenanigans we won’t mention here.

“I’ve matured,” Morgan said before breaking into a wide grin.

Currently enrolled in Calhoun Area Career Center’s aviation program, this people-person wants to fly planes, but only cargo planes.

“I can’t fly people,” Morgan said. “If I crash, everyone will say ‘He killed everybody’. But if I fly a cargo plane and I crash, I only lost everyone’s stuff. Stuff can be replaced. People can’t.”

People seem to enjoy Morgan, too, and respect his athleticism. His classmates named him to the Homecoming Court, and the area’s coaches named him to the All-City team in basketball and football.

Morgan plans to attend Western Michigan University, where he will room blind.

“It’s going to be fun.”

No doubt it will.

Fun Fact: At one point, Uri, Nik, and Morgan worked at Arby’s together, a time all three of them described as “fun”.

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