St. Joseph Catholic School vice-principal Katie Reed sent an email to her middle school staff after Spring Break. We share the following excerpts with permission.

I am in a fortunate position to hear from students and staff about the AMAZING things you all do for our students on a daily basis. You should know that your hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I wanted to share just a few of these things. Every one of you will be mentioned without calling names:

One of you is known as the “second mom” to a large percentage of our students.

One of you has inspired many of our students to become Catholic.

One student told me that although their worst grade is in this particular class, it makes them feel the most safe because this classroom is clean and organized and they don’t always have that in their home life.

I have witnessed one of you give winter boots to a student in need and offer to sew holes, patches, buttons, and zippers to those who may need it.

I have seen many of you stay after school to prepare an epic lesson or surprise your students first thing in the morning with doughnuts or goodies because they worked hard to deserve it.

I have received feedback from parents who appreciated receiving a note or email that their child was working hard and improving in a difficult subject area.

I have seen many of you open your pockets to students, families and staff members who were in need for meals, athletic fees, school supplies, gym shirts, winter coats, planners, snacks, dances, calculators, uniforms…the list goes on.

I have seen the power of music heal souls!

I have seen prayer in action and how powerful it truly is to pray in numbers.

I have seen the hours you all spend after school and at home to make our kids live out our mission.

Although teaching philosophies and classroom management may vary, I have learned that the one thing we all have in common is a HUGE heart and that is what makes our school system a family. I think that our faith and your heart is what will make our kids so successful!

Many people call the middle school a bridge between the elementary and high school. I have learned that we are much more than the bridge. We are the glue, and I am so glad that we “stick” together.

I count my blessings to be a part of this family each and every day. I sincerely thank you for making each school year better than the previous.

Katie Reed
Saint Joseph Catholic School
Assistant Principal
Middle School Athletic Director

Vice-Principal Katie Reed with middle school students.

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