As a freelance writer, I have multiple clients, including the Diocese of Kalamazoo. Recently, the diocese asked me to write an article on Confirmation – how it isn’t a graduation from Catechism classes, but an invitation to live a deeper life in the church. While researching, I posed this question to our St. Joseph Catholic Middle School students, whose Confirmation is May 13, 2018.

How do you intend to keep growing in the Faith after your Confirmation?

Although the article only had room for a few student responses, I thought our school family would enjoy reading them all.

I know I did.

“I plan to grow in my faith after Confirmation by going to Catholic Heart Work Camp, helping more in my community, and possibly becoming a reader at Mass.”
-Therese Campos

“After Confirmation, I plan on growing my faith by continuing to attend Sunday mass, praying more, and reading more of the Bible and the Catechism.”
-Jacob Thome

“I am going to try to pray every day when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I am also going to bug my parents more to go to Mass every Sunday. After Confirmation, it is my journey, so I’m going to try to make the most of it and learn the most I can.”
-Brooke Dzwik

“I intend to keep growing in my faith after Confirmation by loving others, praying for those who need it, and doing my best to spread God’s word.”
-Bronwyn Pasche

“After Confirmation, I plan on growing in the Faith by making it my responsibility. I see college students fall short in their faith after high school and I know that is NOT what I plan to do. God is literally my all. Every day I try to be better than the day before. I have been working on the virtues of Patience and Humility, and God is working on that with me as well. Now that this is my year to be confirmed, I feel a deeper connection with my faith as a Roman Catholic. I plan on doing God’s will – His will and not mine.”
-Arianna Pontoni

“After Confirmation, I will continue my journey to salvation. I will go out to all people spreading the Word of God. I will apply the Fruits of Gifts of the Holy Spirit to my lifestyle and stand up for my faith. I will listen to God’s calling and what he would like me to do in the Church.”
-Chris Adam

“I will go to Mass every Sunday, probably Thursday, too. I will be kind to everyone. I will donate to the poor and homeless.”
– Christopher Thang

“I intend to keep growing in the Faith by staying near to the Church. In this I mean that I will constantly pray to God, searching for answers in my faith life.”
– Nathaniel Pawlowicz

“I intend to keep growing in my faith by being present in every spiritual opportunity to grow, that means attending extra Masses, taking time to visit and experience the sacraments, and learning through God’s Word. I intend to learn all I can from school, Mass, and my parents.”
-Giada Pontoni

“I plan on growing my faith by focusing more on God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, by prayer and attending Mass.”
– Rosa Hernandez-Mendez

“I plan on growing my faith by teaching the young kids about God.”
– Bosco Lian

“I plan on growing my faith after Confirmation by strengthening my relationship with God by practicing the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.”
– Jack Austin

“I will grow my faith by going to church, reading from the Bible, doing the things God wants for us to do, and having faith that everything is going to be as God wants, not as we want things to be.”
– Kymberly Matacua

“I will grow in my faith by going to church, believing in God, and helping others when they need it. I will be kind, generous, and respect others. I will be patient for what God has for my future.”
– Vum Tial

“I feel that confirmation is a chance to go out and teach the Word of God in a sense that you teach people about your experience in the Church and how it has helped you. When I am confirmed, I want to do just that. I want to be more involved in my faith, and hopefully, my faith will grow.”
– Grace Cox

“I intend to keep growing in faith through my prayer life and by going to church and hearing the Gospel.”
– Ethan Lussier

“I am going to grow my faith by going to church every Sunday and on holy days, and following the priests.”
– Gregory Sang

“I will continue to grow in my Faith by going to church like I am supposed to and asking the Holy Spirit to guide me through my faith and to keep faith in my daily life.”
– Rachel Myers

“I intend to go to Mass more and to keep learning about God through theology in high school and college.”
– David Schulz

“After Confirmation, I plan on growing my faith by going to Mass every Sunday and really meditating on it.”
– Alexis McCullin

“I plan on growing my faith by attending Mass every Sunday and being involved with Christ and the Church. I hope to help others with the gifts I have from God.”
– Christina Zing

“After my Confirmation, my plan is to defend any negative thing spoken about my faith. I will preach and reach others hearts to understand the love and divinity of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.”
– Emily No San Par

Our 2018 St. Joseph Catholic Middle School Confirmation Class.

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