Today’s BCACS Blog takes a first-person look at Homecoming Week 2017.

Forget the dress code
Spirit Week was a little like Halloween. Each class was given a decade. Each day was given a theme for which the students dressed according to their decade’s interpretation. Friday, however, was set aside for Spirit Day. The more the red, the better!

“I enjoyed Spirit Day on Friday because I got to see everyone’s school spirit – all the red and all the decorations for the halls.”
~McKenzee Kositzke, freshman

Back in Black?
The students showed up for class on the Monday of Spirit Week only to see most of their teachers had taken up the habit – the religious habit.

“The theme on Monday was school uniform and when we were thinking about what we would wear as teachers right away both Mrs. Janke and myself said – ‘Nuns!’”
~Kyra Rabbitt, director of student services, freshmen class advisor

Lip Sync Battle
The Lip Sync Battle was a 2017 Homecoming premier and it was a hit. Each fall sports team prepared a lip sync routine to perform in front of the school. The staff determined the winner using a rubric of originality, dance moves and “lip-sync-ability”. The cross-country team took the top spot with their joyful interpretation of “His Banner over Me is Love.”

“I think it was a lot of fun for everybody in the school even the teachers. I think [the cross-country team] won because we just went out and enjoyed ourselves and didn’t worry about embarrassing ourselves.”
~Ben Rutherford, sophomore

Macho Volleyball
St. Philip and volleyball excellence go hand-in-hand. We know our Lady Tigers can handle themselves on the court, but during Homecoming Week, it’s the boys’ turn. Macho Volleyball returned and this year’s competition was fierce.

“It was an awesome display of school spirit. Everyone was engaged and cheering on their classmates and it carried on to the Pink Game Thursday night.”
~Vicky Groat, St. Philip High School principal

Pink Game
Thursday of Spirit Week had a special meaning as the volleyball team played its annual Pink Game, which raises money for Borgess’ Tree of Love. This year was personal as two volleyball alums are battling breast cancer. Both served as honorary coaches as our Lady Tigers defeated cross-town rival Climax-Scotts.

“It was an amazing experience. It made us “play for a purpose” and encouraged us to fight harder. The words of motivation that Kelly and Megan said to us, we took to heart and fought back harder. It was great to be a part of something so special and moving.
~Kirstin Finnila, senior

Decking the Halls
Each class decorated a school hallway on Friday in their “decade”. Over the weekend, alumni and teachers voted for the best one. This year’s winner was the sophomore class, whose 1950’s hallway included a white and black checkered floor and a jukebox.

“I think the sophomores won because we have more to bring to the table in terms of creativity and we work really well as a team.”
~Adam Sprague, sophomore

Bonfire Night
The Friday night bonfire is a school-wide party at Walsh Field. The junior girls squared off against the senior girls in the annual powder puff game, each class squared off against each other in a tug-of-war, the Homecoming Court took a run down the field, and the night finished with a fabulously large bonfire.

“I really enjoyed hanging out with all my friends and watching my grade play in powder puff. It was really entertaining and enjoyable to watch.”
~Joey Janoski, junior

The Spirit Cup Champions
“We are the best class ever.” ~Uriel Gaona, senior
Homecoming Week activities are just about fun, they’re about points. Each class earns points for the competitions they win, resulting in one overall champion. This year, the seniors walked away with the coveted “Spirit Cup”.

“The seniors are really excited about winning the spirit cup during Homecoming week. We were excited to end our last Homecoming together with a bang!”
~Madison Haywood, senior class president

The Homecoming Parade
Wearing their smart uniforms, plumed hats, and black shoes, the St. Philip Marching Band led the high school down VanBuren Street to the C.W. Post Field in style during annual Homecoming Parade.

“My favorite part of parade marching is seeing the reaction of small kiddos who become so fascinated and excited when they see the band marching and playing. Not only does it make my heart happy but it also helps recruitment because many of these excited kids become future marching band members.”
~Laura Bandlow, marching band director, and band teacher

The King & Queen of 2017
The Homecoming Court took their ride down Van Buren street in the annual Homecoming parade and walked onto the field with their parents at halftime. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the 2017 Homecoming Queen and King are Lili Robinson and Kenny Wojcik.

“I strive to be friends with everyone in our school and relate to them and this proved to me that it worked. I feel a lot closer to my classmates and students throughout the school.”
~Lili Robinson, senior

Time to “reunion”
It is a tradition for the St. Philip Alumni to come home and “reunion” together at the school. This year was extra-special as it marked St. Philip High School Centennial. Over 150 alumni came from all over the country to celebrate together.

“It was great to see alumni of all ages, parents of alumni, and community members reminiscing about St Philip High School, the nuns, and teachers who have taught there over the years.”
~Louanne McIntyre, BCACS Foundation director

"I will never cut down my friends"
"These kids are my vitamins"
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