Nely Reyes

Nely Reyes wants to be a nurse practitioner. Interning at Borgess Health Park, Nely wrote this scripture verse in her internship blog:

“There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” (Deuteronomy 15.11)

Underneath, Nely wrote:

“I feel that if I help those in need, it will eventually help me to become a better person…I feel that this scripture defines the ultimate goal I have in life. [It] gives me a connection for my internship and my future and also to not give up.”

Fluent in Spanish and English, Nely already helps others “not to give up” by tutoring children through Voces. Also, she translates documents for those in need and aids in organizing events for the Hispanic community.

This fall she will begin her nursing studies at Kellogg Community College.



Kenneth Champagne

Some folks discover their career path early. Kenneth Champagne is one of them.

“I’ve always loved my pets,” Kenneth said. “My parents are Binder Park Zoo members and I saw this Junior Zookeeper thing where teens 13 and up can shadow a zookeeper.”

Kenneth asked his mother if he could enroll for his 13th birthday. Mom said yes and Kenneth spent the next three years in the program. He was sold.

Kenneth will begin his zoology coursework at Michigan State University this fall.

This future zookeeper also knows his way around a kitchen. Kenneth spent the last two years developing his baking and cooking techniques in the Calhoun Area Career Center’s culinary arts program.

Although Kenneth isn’t pursuing a culinary career, he hasn’t counted it out.

“It’s a backup,” Kenneth said. “If I need a job the stuff I learned there can definitely help me find a job in college.”



Maygan McGuire

Maygan McGuire walks the line between art and science. And she walks it well.

In addition to being third in her St. Philip High School class, she is a Math and Science Center student, concentrating on bio-ethics and biotech, and a duel-enrolled student at Ferris State’s Kendall College of Art and Design, concentrating on graphic design.

Currently, she is serving a marketing internship with WJSchroer Company.

Why a marketing firm?

Maygan is seeking balance.

“I thought if I’m going to do [graphic design], I should also know the marketing part of it, so I’m not just the artist,” Maygan said. “I know the math behind it.”

Maygan will attend Kalamazoo College this fall. Her major is still up in the air, but her minor is set in stone.

“I will minor in psychology because I think that it is really important to understand how to interact with people,” Maygan said.



Alex Costin

All the world is a stage for Alex Costin. The only question is what part she will play.

“I am very passionate about the arts and I wish to gain more knowledge about the occupations involving theater and music,” Alex said.

Acting since the fifth grade, Alex is familiar with memorizing lines, hitting a mark, and taking direction. She has played parts in musicals, stage plays, pop-up theater, and workshop productions.

Her senior internship at the Franke Center in Marshall gave Alex a chance to work behind the scenes.

“Making costumes, making sets, moving sets on and off for productions, helping kids with lines, learning music, teaching them dances, which was awful because I cannot dance,” Alex said, laughing. “It was really fun.”

Alex will start at Kellogg Community College next fall. She isn’t sure what she will study but plans to “dabble” in the college’s theater program.

Of course.

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