Zach Nelson

Zach Nelson’s dedication has earned basketball and baseball accolades. It also earned an internship in his desired field – geriatric care.

“I knew how hard it was going to be,” senior internship teacher Debbie Evans said. “I made sure [his intention] was authentic and not just something he was comfortable doing because of the personal experience he has.”

“The biggest challenge I faced was all of the places that turned down interns just because it can be a difficult field for an intern,” Zach said.

Zach persevered, finding a placement at Centra Care.

“The most interesting thing is being able to meet all the older people and learn about…what they have done throughout their lives,” Zach said. “This internship has ultimately confirmed what I want to do. I would love to stick with the geriatric field.”

Zach will start his studies at Kellogg Community College, before transferring to Western Michigan University.



Camille Cornils

Camille Cornils is persistent. This multi-sport athlete, tennis captain, and honor student used that tenacity to land a health field internship.

“She had a lot of doors shutting because of what she wanted to do,” senior internship teacher Debbie Evans said.

Camille endured, and Nessels Nutrition opened their doors. This might not have been the hospital placement she wanted, but it ended up being the right placement.

“This internship only confirms my desire to become a nutritionist and pursue it as a career,” Camille said. “The most interesting part of my internship is how much I unintentionally learn. Every session with a patient I learn something new. The most challenging part of my internship is not interrupting the sessions to ask questions.

Camille plans to study health science at Indiana University this fall.

“My ultimate goal is to help people who are struggling with food and proper nutrition,” Camille said.



Ben Swagler

Ben Swagler has energy. It radiates from him on the field and the court and propelled him to the exclusive rank of Eagle Scout.

“I always want to be doing and accomplishing something,” Ben said. “I want to make a difference in this world. I want to make positive impressions everywhere I go. If I can change one person’s life for the better I’m a satisfied person.”

Ben thought that difference would be as an athletic trainer, but his internship with Borgess Health Park has him considering other fields, including law enforcement.

Although the future may not be clear, Ben’s next step after graduation is set.

“I have been involved in sports my whole life and I think being involved in those kinds of things builds character,” Ben said. “That’s why I plan to attend the University of Spring Arbor to continue my soccer career and finish my general studies.”



Jack Greenman

Jack Greenman is synonymous with running. This decorated track and cross-country athlete has earned MVP honors, competed at the state level, and, one day, hopes to coach.

“I love sports and I want my career to be involved with something I love,” Jack said. “I would love to coach the next generation about everything I know.”

Interning at Minges Creek Athletic Center, Jack works with Ray Yager, personal trainer, and St. Philip’s cross-country coach.

Jack appreciates all his mentors, starting with his family.

“I grew up with three older sisters and two loving parents,” Jack said. “I always say that I have four moms because they are all like a mother to me. My dad raises me to be a great man…and I look up to him. My family taught me to be a great person.”

Jack is still considering where to attend college but wants to study sports management.

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