They say when God closes a door, He opens a window.

When St. Joseph Middle School’s math teacher left in December, God did more than open a window – He opened a new chapter.

This January, Molly Williamson began her post as our middle school math teacher and student learning specialist.

Mrs. Williamson believes learning should not be constrained by time.

“Molly Williamson has been a great addition to our middle school staff,” Katie Reed, St. Joseph assistant principal, said. “Although she has only been with us a short time, her passion for teaching and her ability to connect with students individually is evident. We are very fortunate to have her.”

How fortunate?

The Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo – where Mrs. Williamson has spent the last 19 years of her career – feels her loss.

“Mrs. Williamson has been a wonderful advocate for Catholic education and for the CSGK schools,” Brian Kosmerick, Hackett principal, wrote the CSGK community regarding Mrs. Williamson’s departure. “If you or your son/daughter ever had her as a teacher, you know that she is a top-notch educator and has helped nurture many students through their middle school and high school years.”

Mrs. Williamson started as a special education teacher in Centreville, Michigan. After staying home with her daughters for ten years, she returned to the classroom as a middle school mathematics teacher at St. Augustine Elementary in Kalamazoo.

Eventually, Mrs. Williamson transferred to Hackett Catholic Prep, teaching Algebra and Geometry and serving as the school’s special needs coordinator. During her tenure, she received Hackett’s Pillar of Excellence Award and earned the Excellence in Education Award for work with a student battling cancer.

Why take a job in another town?

“I was ready to work with new challenges and to grow as an educator,” Mrs. Williamson said, who will continue residing in Kalamazoo with her husband. “God led me to St. Joe to serve this school community and I am humbled daily by His response to my prayers.”

Plus, this new position involved an old love.

“I have always enjoyed the energy and creative thinking middle school students bring to the classroom, and I embraced the opportunity to return to teaching middle school students,” Mrs. Williamson said.

“Philosophically, I believe that learning should always be the constant and time should be the variable, rather than learning be the variable and time the constant,” Mrs. Williamson said. “It always amazes me how much a student can learn and/or improve when given just a little extra time after school.

Already, our students are seeking that extra time, making their new teacher proud.

“I just love it,” Mrs. Williamson said. “The students are kind, respectful, and truly engaged in the learning process.”

And so God begins another chapter in our BCACS story.

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